Established in the year 2002, TEHNO WELD S.R.L,   has as object of activity:

  • The fabrication of mechanical-welded subassemblies according to the customer’s documentation;
  • The assembly and montage of subassemblies , including drive elements;
  • The design and execution of material conveying systems;
  • The execution of industrial workshops;
  • Reparation of industrial installations;
  • Technical consulting.

The activity is carried out in own workshops of:

  • Cutting – 36 m2
  • Assembly-Welding – 500 m2 with 5 and 8 t. traveling cranes
  • Mechanical processing and assembly – 700 m2 with 3,2 t. traveling crane
  • Dimensional controlling workshop
  • Sandblasting room – 42 m2
  • Painting-Drying room – 144 m2

The company underlies on the industrial experience of its founders and of its employees.

Through the network of the collaborators, it can offer execution solutions also for those subassemblies, which by their weight and overall size exceed its own technical possibilities.

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